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March 04, 2024 SEWA applies satellite leak detection in the UAE

Engineer Faisal Al Sarkal, Director of the Water Department, explained that statelite leak detection technology was used to survey the water network with a length of 5,000 km. Leaks from pipes in transmission and distribution lines were identified, and a survey of 400 km of the network was completed using modern devices to determine the locations of invisible leaks.

Al Sarkal pointed out that the project team was able, during 2023, to detect and address 542 leaks in transmission and distribution lines of different sizes, which led to the saving of 788 million gallons of water, which is equivalent to 27 million dirhams.

He stressed that SEWA works to monitor and maintain water networks on an ongoing basis and in accordance with the best international standards, and aims and aspires to reduce losses in existing water networks.