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November 28, 2023 SEWA Collaborates with Digital Beeah for Tier 3 Data Services

During the meeting at SEWA’s main offices, attended by HE Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al Shamsi, Director-General of SEWA, Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO, BEEAH Group, Majed Huraimel Al Shamsi, the Director of the General Support Department at SEWA, and Dr. Engineer Hassan Al Zarooni, the Director of Electricity Distribution Department, the emphasis was on the importance of collaborative efforts and providing necessary services to develop a data centre that aligns with prevailing industry standards, enhanced with high-tech security systems.

The Director General, Abdullah Abdulrahman Al Shamsi, underscored the critical role of data centres in facilitating rapid digital transformation, ensuring business continuity, and maintaining the flow of data. He stressed that the new data centre in Sharjah would meet the growing demand from various institutions, whether government or private, for a secure global-level data infrastructure.

Al Shamsi added that SEWA are collaborating with all entities to support digital transformation and sustainability initiatives. The authority will provide all necessary resources to equip the new data centre in Sharjah with services according to the best specifications, benefiting government and private institutions in the emirate.

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO, BEEAH Group, emphasised the necessity of ensuring communication continuity in communities and facilitating access to digital services to enhance the quality of life. He stated that a data centre compliant with "Tier 3" standards would improve the digital infrastructure available to government bodies and private companies. The advanced IT infrastructure would boost investments, attract businesses, provide global-level services, and secure data sovereignty on a broader scale.