SEWA Internal Newsletter "SPARK"

When an organization is small, it’s easy to give and receive appreciation. Having a handful of people makes everything straightforward. But, when an organization is of a much bigger size like that of SEWA, then you need a medium that will show the organization’s transparency.

In this day and age where more and more employees wish to be a part of organizations that have clear expectations as well as understand the brand that they work for. The question is, what is the best way to combine these two? A well-organized internal newsletter was the answer and so we introduced SPARK; a quarterly SEWA internal newsletter.

SPARK literately address the employees and talks to them directly. Creating a strong internal line of communication among employees this is the foremost benefit of having an internal newsletter, it keeps everyone in the loop so they can feel the sense of inclusion at work and more likely to go above and beyond. Sharing the latest developments with all employees that will help avoid situations where someone feels left out.

When SEWA hits a milestone, it is important to acknowledge their hard work that went into reaching it. SPARK is a great outlet to call out milestones and achievements. Recognizing these landmarks and the people that make them happen, this in turn makes employees feel appreciated and worthwhile.

We also seek feedbacks and ideas from employees. We think it’s a great way to understand what they truly care about. Create articles around their stories to show them that we hear them out. Keep the content focused on employee’s spotlight, which allows employees to learn more about each other, as well as facilitates discussions and engagement within the organization.

SPARK also helps in understanding the brand’s message and setting the right tone of SEWA an expression of its culture. Reinforce the tone of the work environment and reflect the values of the company. As a result, employees will find it easier to follow the right company values and avoid mistakes. Well that’s not just all with SPARK we also have some fun.

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Issue No

Issue Date

Link to Download

SPARK Issue 10 3/1/2021 Download Here
SPARK Issue 9 14/10/2020 Download Here
SPARK Issue 8 25/6/2020 Download Here
SPARK Issue 7 30/03/2020 Download Here
SPARK Issue 6 25/12/2019 Download Here
SPARK Issue 5 25/9/2019 Download Here
SPARK Issue 4 25/06/2019 Download Here
SPARK Issue 3 26/03/2019 Download Here
SPARK Issue 2 25/12/2018 Download Here
SPARK Issue 1 25/09/2018 Download Here