If you have an Online SEWA Account previously you can login here. Othewise, please read below what Online SEWA Account offers for Residential and Commercial Clients:

E-Services provided to both Residential and Commercial Registered Users:

  1. You can view consolidated bill that contains detailed bills grouped by months over the past 6 months.
  2. You can view or pay bills for current month bill. In this section you can also view the amount due and pay it online.
  3. You can change your personal details of your online account with SEWA (profile).
  4. You can add or remove accounts if you have multiple consumer accounts with SEWA
  5. You will be able to view previous bills and payments up six months back.
  6. Finally, you can analyze your utilities consumption by looking at our online statistics feature which provides a comprehensive statistical view of your consumption over the past 6 months
  7. Cheque payment vouchers for **Commercial Registrations only.

Online Payment is available for UAE issued credit cards only. 

** Cheque Payments:

You will be able to perform Cheque payment vouchers. This allows you to generate a cheque payment list for the multiple consumer numbers registered under your account and print a voucher number or (cheque payment request number) which you can present at the cashier while visiting one of SEWA site offices with the ready cheque. If you have high volume of bills to pay, this will save you from:

  1. Preparing consolidated statement repeatedly every month.
  2. waiting time to get a receipt from SEWA cashier will be reduced drastically
  3. your return visit to SEWA cashier to collect an already submitted cheque receipt could be avoided

Please select the type of registration corresponding to the type of account you have with the SEWA. Any registration type that does not match the account type with SEWA will be rejected:

Residential Consumers
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View Consolidated Bill
Commercial Consumers
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View / Pay Bill
  Edit your Profile
  Add / Remove account
  Bill History
  Payment History
  Consumption Statistics
  Cheque Payment for **Commercial Consumers Only
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