What is Green Bill?

Green Bill is an electric version of the Sharjah Electricity,Water and Gas Authority paper bill.


What is the objective of the green bill campaign?

Digital transformation of the authority bills to preserve the environment and sustain resources.

Where the Authority is looking to update %90 of the details of the communication channels with subscribers and details of a private phone and e-mail.


What is the Slogan of the green bill campaign?

“My Bill Is Environment-Friendly”

This slogan was chosen to encourage and motivate subscribers to participate in the “Sharjah City Of Conservation” initiative By maintaining the sustainability of the resource and support “Sharjah healthy City” by ensuring the reduction of carbon emissions from printing and transporting invoices and reducing subscribers’ visits to the offices to pay bills with different types of transportation.


When does the Authority intends to issue an electronic bill and stop dealing with paper bills?

Green Bills will be issued automatically after information update and paper bills will be suspended as of January 2017.


What distinguishes the Green Bill and what are its benefits?

1.      Confidentiality and security of information

2.      Ensure that invoices are delivered monthly electronically

3.      Support the sustainability of natural resources such as trees

4.      Contribute to the preservation of the environment and reduce waste and carbon emissions

5.      Subscriber can brows the invoice and view the complete record of all monthly bills

6.      Possibility to pay online anywhere, anytime and safely


How can I pay the Green Bill?

The invoice can be paid using:

1.      SEWA smart application or E-Services Portal

2.      Electronic payment devices

3.      Exchange offices

4.      Banks

5.      Emirates Post Group

6.      Service centers


How many subscribes using E-Services Portal service?

And how can the Subscriber update his/ her date?

The number of participants is nearly 450 thousands subscribers


And the Subscriber can update his data via following:

1.      Electronic update through E-Services Portal Service

Click Here

2.      Dial the call center at this number - 600566665