How can I register with SEWA e-Services?

  1. visit SEWA e-Services Portal eservices.sewa.gov.ae/sites/anon/en/Pages/Registration.aspx and search for one of the following Identity Numbers:
  • Emirates ID number
  • Passport number (only for GCC customers)
  • Federal Social Security number
  • Commercial Registration number (Trade License number)
  1. once your Customer Details are found and displayed, please proceed to supply your Login Details (Username, Password of your preference).
  2. Read and agree to terms and conditions and click REGISTER.


Why can’t I find my Identity details (Emirates ID, License Number, Passport Number, etc) when I search for it in the Registration form?

To register with SEWA e-Services Portal, you need to update your information at SEWA system by the following methods:

  1. You can update your information by using our Online Update Profile service which is available on the following link: CLICK HERE
  2. Send an email with required details and attachment to REGSUPPORT@SEWA.GOV.AE  these required details are as follows:


  • Account Number
  • Emirates ID Number (without dashes)
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address

Required Documents:

  • Scanned copy of Emirates ID (back and front)
  • Scanned Copy of Trade License for Commercial/Industrial Customers
  1. Approach any of our Customer Care Centers with your emirates ID to update your profile with SEWA
  2. Call us on 991 and update your profile via our Call Center staff will assist you.


I have updated SEWA with my details (Emirates ID etc) however, when I search for it on the Registration Form, it says “ID Number not found.” What do I do?

  1. Please make sure the ID you are providing does not have any characters like ( - , _  , / , etc)
  2. Please make sure you have updated SEWA with the relevant ID. In case you are using a spouse/parent/relative account, please make sure the ID belongs to that person.


I found my ID information however, the website gives me an error message that says “You need to contact SEWA customer care to update your email address”. What do I do?
  1. Send an email to REGSUPPORT@SEWA.GOV.AE with the email ID of your preference and request for a Profile update
  2. Approach one of SEWA Customer Care Centers and update your profile


I tried to login many times but I’m not able to login?

Your account must have been locked due to multiple failed login attempts, please use our Inquiry/Feedback forms to submit a request to unlock your account on the following page: www.sewa.gov.ae/en/contactus.aspx

In case you forgot your password and were not able to login, please use the FORGOT PASSWORD FORM on this page: eservices.sewa.gov.ae/sites/anon/en/Pages/ResetPwd.aspx to reset your password.


I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

Please visit the following page to retrieve your password eservices.sewa.gov.ae/sites/anon/en/Pages/ResetPwd.aspx and follow the below steps to reset your password:

  1. You will receive an email with a link where you have to click or copy paste into your browse.
  2. Then you will receive another email with an auto generated password that you can login with.
  3. Once logged in with the random password, please make sure to reset your password in the Change Password form after login.


I downloaded SEWA Smart App, but I am not able to login?

You need to have an Account with SEWA e-Services Portal in order to login for more features on the Smart App. Please follow the registration steps mentioned here