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1. How can inquire about my bills?

You can inquire about your bill through the listed option below:

2. How can I know my bill cycle?

Bill cycles are divided into 4 cycles as shown below:

Bill Cycle   Meter read Bill (issuance) Last Due date
Cycle 1 Meter reading done from 01 till 07 of each month Bill issued date 07 of each month From date 14 of each month
Cycle 2 Meter reading done from 08 till 14 of each month Bill issued date 14 of each month From date 21 of each month
Cycle 3 Meter reading done from 15 till 21 of each month Bill issued date 21 of each month From date 28 of each month
Cycle 4 Meter reading done from 22 till 28 of each month Bill issued date 28 of each month From date 07of each month

3. What are the available methods for paying my consumption bills?

  • SEWA Online Portal, Click Here
  • SEWA App, Click Here for more information
  • Bank Online Channels, Click Here for listed banks
  • Customer Happiness Centers
  • Etisalat Payment Kiosks

4. What are the charges for payment through (Banks and credit cards)?

  • For Bank Channels there are no addional charges for payments
  • For credit cards there are charges as follows:
    • 1.75% of total amount for Credit Cards payments through SEWA Online Portal and App
    • 1.24% of total amount for Credit Cards payments at SEWA payment channels (Customer Happiness Center, Exchanges)

5. If payment is effected through customer service office or banks, will SEWA system update it immediately?


6. How SEWA bills are delivered?

SEWA offers to their customers’ e-billing opportunity to receive, view, and pay their bills online using an SEWA website, or Bank Channels through existing bank account with the concerned bank. Also, you will be notified via SMS & E-MAIL when your monthly bill is available for online viewing and payment. There are no additional fees associated with this service.

7. How can I pay my bills while I am outside UAE?

You can pay through SEWA Online Portal, SEWA App or Online Banking.

8. How and when consumption is being estimated?

SEWA follows a Bill Cycle for monthly consumption estimation as shown below:

Bill Cycle   Meter read Bill (issuance) Last Due date
Cycle 1 Meter reading done from 01 till 07 of each month Bill issued date 07 of each month From date 14 of each month
Cycle 2 Meter reading done from 08 till 14 of each month Bill issued date 14 of each month From date 21 of each month
Cycle 3 Meter reading done from 15 till 21 of each month Bill issued date 21 of each month From date 28 of each month
Cycle 4 Meter reading done from 22 till 28 of each month Bill issued date 28 of each month From date 07of each month

9. What is the minimum and maximum amount I can pay for my utility bill?

For minimum payment, SEWA offers a reasonable payment plan if you aren’t able to pay your extraordinary (contingent debt) utility/non-utility. Unlike, the customer can have advance payment that can be made ahead of its normal schedule by estimating his monthly consumption in order to avoid service disconnection b/c of non-payment.

10. Is it possible not to register as a tenant and agree with the landlord to pay the bills on his account?

No, it is not allowed to occupy a premise without registration a tenancy contract. B/c if you are a tenant, and the utility bills for your home is on your landlord’s name, the customer can be pursued with a penalty for breaching SEWA rules and regulation.

11. I have completed the registration process, when will my account be activated?

The account activated same time after paying the security deposit as per premise type and registering the tenancy contract from sharjah municipality.

12. I paid my bill on time, but late fee has been applied to my bill.

The system automatically applies late fee charges (automated process) if the outstanding isn’t cleared within due date of each bill.

13. Can I pay in advance?

In general it’s a good idea to pay your utility bill in advance, For instance paying utility bill ahead like 2, 3 months and having a certain amount in credit so that when you get your monthly bill there is a negative amount due. Especially if you’re planning to travel abroad, it is advised to pay your bill ahead so that you don't have to worry about any services termination due to non-payment of outstanding.


14. Do you charge VAT?

Effective 1st January 2018, the Value Added Tax (VAT) Law 8/2017 and its Executive Regulations are implemented in the UAE. In accordance, to comply with the provision of law the consumption bills are subjected with VAT @ 5% starting 1st January 2018, in compliance with the aforementioned VAT law.



Supplier Registration:

1. How can I register?

Customers can submit following documents to start the first step of registration:

  • letter(Addressed to: Chairman, SEWA, Content: Company activities& product (or) project has to be registered)
  • Copy of Trade License
  • Copy of Chamber Of Commerce Certificate.
  • Company profile.
  • certification from other utilities (DEWA, FEWA, ADWEA)
  • Approvals from municipality, civil defense, if applicable.

2. How many days to process the registration?

Registration and approval process may take 2-7 working days including the issuance of card & certificate.

3. How much is the fee?

Fees may differ for each company on the light of their location, products, previous business transactions and other customized protocols of the section.

4. What are the different types of pre-qualification questionnaires?

Certain products such as, capacitor bank, switchgear and LV/HAV Cables are preferred to have a detailed prequalification.  As per the product, you can choose the specified questionnaire which is related to the provided products.

5. Where will I get it?

        You can find the Pre-Qualification Questioners on SEWA website in the following link, Click Here

6. Where and how to submit?

        Above documents shall be submitted at SEWA registration section, Halwan (hard copy).


Meter (Electricity, Water & Gas):

1. What is the process of applying for water and electricity meter inspection?

Through customer happiness center allocated to your zone and it will take 3 working days for inspection and testing the meter.

2. How to know if my meter is faulty?

By monitoring the consumption of each meter reading on the monthly bill online or by visiting any customer happiness center.

3. How to report faulty meters?

By visiting any SEWA’s customer happiness center and it will take 3 working days for testing and reporting.

4. How to apply for changing meters?

By visiting concern customer happiness center allocated to your zone and it will take 3 working days for testing and reporting.

5. How much is the fee?

This services is free of charge in case of manufacturer damage, but charges will apply for physical damage.

6. What are the procedures for relocating the meter outside the house?

Need to apply for shifting meter request in the Customer happiness center related to your area.



1. Why did I get fine?

The person or company gets a fine as a result of violating the regulations and laws.

2. Where to pay the fine?

Customer Happiness Centers


Internship in SEWA:

1. How to apply internship in SEWA?

An intern is required to submit a formal letter to SEWA’s Chairman, which briefs about the type of internship, field of internship and the period of internship.

2. Where to apply Internship in SEWA?

Through submitting the formal letter via email to OR by hand to Training Department at SEWA Main Office, Al Khan Government Buildings Complex

3. Who are eligible for internships?

Students in the following fields:

  • Administration
  • IT
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Electrical
  • Renewable Energy
  • Hydroelectric Energy

4. What are the requirements?

An intern should submit the following along with the formal letter:

  • Passport Copy
  • CV
  • Syllabus for the current year
  • GPA should be 2.5 and above

5. Is it only for locals or expats can apply too?

For both locals and expats

6. How many months is allowed for internships?

From 6 weeks to 8 weeks.


General Customer Service:

1. How many SEWA Customer Services in Sharjah?

There are 6 customer services centers in sharjah, namely.

  • Al Jazzat center
  • Bu daneq center
  • Halwan center
  • Al majaz center
  • Industrial area center
  • Al taawun center

For Locations please Click Here

2. What are the office timings?

  • Al Jazzat center    7:30 am till 8:30 pm
  • Bu daneq center  7:30 am till 8:30 pm
  • Halwan center     24/7 days a week
  • Al majaz center    7:30 am till 8:30 pm
  • Industrial area center7:30 am till 8:30 pm
  • Al taawun center 7:30 am till 8:30 pm

For Locations please Click Here

3. How can I reach Customer Service for any complaints & queries?

  1. Approach to the nearest customer service center for any complaints & queries
  2. You can use Feedback or Complaint forms on SEWA webpage for online complaints and queries.

4. For emergency cases, who to contact?

Call us on 991

5. What are the normal and Ramadan timings for each branches?

  1. Al Jazzat center           9:00 am till 5:00 pm in Ramadan
  2. Bu daneq center          9:00 am till 5:00 pm in Ramadan
  3. Halwan center              24/7 days a week
  4. Al majaz center            9:00 am till 5:00 pm in Ramadan
  5. Industrial area center   9:00 am till 5:00 pm in Ramadan
  6. Al taawun center          9:00 am till 5:00 pm in Ramadan

For Locations please Click Here

6. Do you have hotline numbers for emergencies?


7. Where can I report in case of any illegal activities?

You can report any case on Communicate with Chairman Service on SEWA Home Page. Click Here for more.

8. I am an existing customer, I am moving to another unit in the same tower. Shall I update my existing account or shall I register again?

Yes, if you are shifting to another unit of the same tower, still you have to terminate the current lease completely and register the tenancy contract for the new premise, you are aiming to move in

I have many different accounts. How can I view them all together?

You can view the bills for multiple accounts via SEWA Online Account. Click here to Register or Login.

How can I make changes on my account Information?

You can change your profile via Update Profile service, Click Here to update.



SEWA E-service:

1. How to register for E-services?

You can register ONLINE for SEWA E-Services through the official SEWA Website ( or SEWA Smart App (SEWA) available on both Google Play and Apple Store BY providing a valid Emirates ID or Trade License Number then entering a preferred username and password.

You will receive a validation SMS on your registered mobile number and an activation email on your registered email address with SEWA.

In case you are not sure if you have updated your SEWA Profile with a valid mobile and email address you can go to SEWA Website or Smart App and UPDATE YOUR PROFILE with the requirements.

2. What are the requirements to register?

An updated profile with SEWA with the following:

  • A valid UAE Based Mobile Number
  • A valid Email Address
  • Emirates ID FOR Residential Customers


  • Trade License FOR Commercial Customers.

3. Where to register?

  • SEWA Website, Click Here to register
  • SEWA Smart App available on Google Play AND Apple Store, Click Here for more details 

4. What are the benefits of using E-services?

  • Access your SEWA Account anywhere and anytime to pay your bills online
  • Check consumption graphs and request services
  • Check previous bills (bill history) and previous payments (payment history)
  • Follow up with Service Requests and Cases
  • Manage accounts and update your profile with SEWA
  • Receive bills via Email and SMS

5. What should I do if I forget my user ID?

You can use the FORGOT PASSWORD option on the website, provide your Customer ID (Person ID on Bill) and Email address to get your login details.

6. What should I do if I forget my password?

You can use the FORGOT PASSWORD option on the website, provide your Username and Email address to reset your password.

7. How do I change my password?

If you forgot the password and cannot login, You can use the FORGOT PASSWORD option on the website, provide your Username and Email address to reset your password.

In case you want to change the password, you can use CHANGE PASSWORD option after login from the side menu.

8. Any tips on creating a password?

  • It should be both letters and numbers along with a symbol
  • It should not be less than 6 characters

9. In case of temporary system outage on SEWA online, what are the other options that you would like to recommend?

You can pay through our other payment channels, Click here for more details

10. How can I view my payment history?

You can view your payment history after login to SEWA Account, by clicking on PAYMENT HISTORY




1. How to register a complaint?

You can contact our complaint channels by providing your name, mobile number and account (if issue is related to your account).

2. What are the channels to issue a complaint?

  • SEWA Website Complaint OR Inquiry form, click here to submit a complaint
  • SEWA HOT Line 800SEWA
  • SEWA Customer Care Centers, Click Here for locations

3. How many hours required to reply the complaint?

It depends on the type and complexity of complaint.


EV Car charging station

1. SEWA announced in October 2017.  What progress has been made so far?

The Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, SEWA, inaugurated the first electric vehicle charging station, backed by solar panels that operate a photovoltaic system, in line with its goal of promoting sustainable development and conserving natural resources.

2. What are the planned objectives of this project for the sustainable development of Sharjah?

The EV Green Charger infrastructure is one of three smart initiatives SEWA launched in-line with its strategic direction towards Sustainability, Minimize Environmental Footprint (TBL03), Enabling Smart City (IP09), and supporting Sharjah sustainability city of conservation.

A main opportunity SHARJAH capitalized on for the success of this initiative was the clear strategic direction in Sharjah sustainable city of conservation Plan 2020 and aligned with UAE Vision 2021.

3. What are the different types of the EV Green Chargers?

  • Technology growing and improving very fast, there are three types of chargers, Fast Charger, Public Charger and Wall Box.
  • Fast Charger provides an 80% charge within 20 to 45 minutes depending on the type of car and battery capacity. Most of these are installed at petrol stations.
  • Public Charger (dual outlet) provides full charge in 2 to 4 hours, depending on the type of car and battery capacity.
  • Wall Box (single outlet) provides a full charge in 2 to 4 hours, depending on the type of car and battery capacity.

4. Where will I find assistance in using the EV Green Charger?

Customers can contact SEWA customer Call Center on 800-SEWA for assistance about the EV Green Chargers. However the charge points are easy to use and have instructions attached to the side on how to be used.

5. Are the EV Green Charger accessible on a 24-hour basis?

The EV Green Chargers located at the SHARJAH Head Quarter, all week days and 24/7. However, EV Green Charger located in petrol stations and other public locations, also will be available on a 24/7 basis.

6. Where can I purchase an electric vehicle in Sharjah and at what cost?

Please contact car dealerships for availability and costs since the prices vary for vehicles. Since the launch of SHARJAH EV green charger initiative, demand has increased, leading to more models of EV being made available by dealers.

7. What is the typical range of an electric vehicle?

The range of the electric vehicle depends on battery capacity and type of vehicle, typically it ranges from 120km to 500km.

8. What happens if my battery runs out of charge before I reach the charge points?

Same as with any vehicle, drivers are responsible for ensuring that they have a sufficient charge for the journey. All electric vehicles provide information to their drivers on their estimated range in the car’s instrument panel.

9. What is a plugin hybrid vehicle?

A plugin hybrid vehicle has a regular petrol engine and with an additional electric motor. This vehicle can run on either petrol, batteries or both at the same time. It also has a plug for charging on-board batteries and can run as full electric mode with a limited range.

10. Can everyone use the SHARJAH EV Green Chargers?

Sharjah EV Green Chargers are open to all holders of the Green Charger card that can be obtained by registering with SHARJAH and setting up a special account at a SHARJAH Customer Happiness Centre.

11. How can I tell when my electric vehicle is completely charged?

Check the display on our charging station or battery charge indictor on your vehicle’s display. Either one will tell you when your charging session is complete.

12. Can I discontinue the charging process before it is complete?

Yes. You can stop the charge at any time following the instructions on the charger.

13. Can I charge the battery even if it's not empty?

Yes, an electric vehicle’s battery management system actively manages the delivery of the charge to ensure the maximum lifespan of the battery. Just plug it in and let the car do the rest.

14. How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

The cost to charge the electric vehicle depends on energy required to charge the battery, which is directly related to the capacity of the battery in the vehicle and the usage by the car owner. However, the rate per kilowatt hour (kW/h) for charging an electric vehicle in public charging points is 29 Fils per kW/h. If you charge your vehicle at home, the standard residential electricity rate will be applied. 

15. How can I charge my electric vehicle at home? How much does it cost?

Home chargers can be installed at customers’ premises behind the customers’ meter, like any other home appliances. When charging the car at home, the electricity used is added to the normal SHARJAH bill at standard residential electricity rates.


Scholarship Application in SEWA: (HR)

1. How to apply for scholarship?

High School graduates can apply for scholarships through SEWA official website

2. Where to apply for scholarship?

Apply through SEWA Official Website, Click Here

3. Who are eligible to avail scholarship grants?

Sharjah UAE residence new graduated from secondary school with 85%

4. What are the requirements?

For requirements, click here

5. Is it only for locals or expats can apply too?

Only for Sharjah locals.

6. Is there any grade to maintain under the scholarship program?

To register required 85% and to maintain the scholarship 2.2 GPA